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List of Top Non-Teaching Jobs in Education

Over the last years, many graduands from the education major have shifted. The shift was at 32% to 11% in 2018. Even though education comes with many benefits and impacts in the society, it is a job for the few who can handle all its underlying difficulties. Fortunately, this article has a list of the top non teaching jobs in schools.

Teachers who have been practicing in the education industry for a long time are advised to consider being a school administrator. Instead of handling the class as when you were a teacher, you will be required to maintain the whole school. To get the job; you should have an advanced degree in which you have performed very well. Administrators are required to review the curriculum, manage the budget and employees, and develop instructional strategies. Among the existing non-teaching jobs in schools, it stands as one of the best.

If you are looking for more non-teaching jobs in schools, being a post-secondary education administrator might suit you. In this career your abilities and achievements will determine which of the many opportunities you will suit in. Application areas in different colleges and academic departments include in the admissions, the registrar and student serves.

There is also the option of being an instructional coordinator. Their work involves designing the teaching standards and reviewing the curriculum of schools within a specific district. After coming up with improved curriculum and teaching techniques, they are to work with teachers and administrators to ensure proper implementation. One primary requirement in this career path is having a master’s degree in education or any other related field.

Some teachers have interest in seeing to the development of young people in areas other than academics. Such teachers are advised to apply as directors for extracurricular activities. Some of these non-teaching jobs in schools include camp directors and student activities coordinator. Your responsibility will be to help them learn to be responsible, practice teamwork and communication through the extracurricular activities.

If you want to be beneficial to the community in the same way as a teacher does, textbook writing and publishing is right for you. For you to make it as a textbook writer, it is essential to have an education major and have the passion for writing. Besides textbook writing, you can be an editor, publisher, or take journalism and write for academic papers or major on education topics. At the same time, you can for a career in blogging; mainly educational ideas.

In some cases, people pursue their degree to completion, only to realize their interest faded. No matter which situation you are in, you should consider going for other option s that can still sustain you.

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