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Quality Divorce Documents Preparation Services

Divorce is unprecedented though in some cases it is inevitable. Not many people plan for it since it is not usually expected. However, when there is a need for divorce or separation, there are several steps that the couple must follow. In most cases, these processes are legal in nature. This means that people end up acquiring the services of lawyers in order to smoothly go through the divorce or separation process.

Acquiring the services of a lawyer is however not easy and not cheap. You have to pay high legal fees for the entire period. Not everyone has the financial capability to hire lawyers to provide legal services during divorce proceedings. However, there is good news since in most cases, you actually do not need to have a lawyer’s representation. You can just have the legal documents required and proceed to file them with the necessary authorities.

There are law firms or legal companies that aid persons undergoing divorce to have the necessary documents. The firms specialize in handling all types of divorce and separation documents on behalf of their clients. However, it is good to note that this service does not include legal representation in court. This is good news since you will only pay for the preparation of the documents, which is affordable to most persons.

If you want quality divorce papers, it is advisable to use the services of law firms that specialize in the preparation of such documents. First, if you are having an uncontested divorce without children being involved, the company will help you by preparing documents suited for this situation only. In most cases, you will pay an amount not exceeding $1500 to get such documents in place.

Similarly, if you want documents to start initial proceedings for divorce or separation without children being involved, you can get that for as little as $600 from a reputable law firm. These documents will include documents covering notice of dissolution of marriage, notice or rights of the parties as well as notice regarding creditors and debtors if any. Finally, if the divorce proceeding does not include children, the firm will prepare conclusive documents that will dissolve the marriage legally. For this final part, you might pay an amount not exceeding $2000 for the entire documentation.

When children are involved in divorce proceedings, most law firms will have different charges. In most cases, the charges will be slightly higher because the children’s representation is involved in the documentation. The rights of children come in handy as well as issues such as custody of the children. Most firms will charge a figure of around $1400 to finalize documentation for the entire process of divorce with children in the picture.

If the paternity of the children is to be contested, there are documents that must be prepared in advance. The law firm working on the documentation on your behalf will prepare all these documents for you. For paternity documentation, charges do not exceed $600, which is a modest figure as compared to what you would pay if you have the legal representation from a law firm in the whole process. Documents for other issues such as child support, spousal maintenance, and parenting can all be prepared on your behalf for a modest fee of about $600. These charges are fair as compared to the cost of hiring a lawyer to represent you fully in the divorce proceedings. Therefore, it is good to go for documentation services instead when filling for and the following divorce.

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