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Why it Is Important to Install Dash Cams on Your Fleet

Road safety is an important subject that should be given much attention with the rising number of road accidents. In case of a car accident, the insurance companies the biggest losers as they have to offer compensation to the injured parties. However, getting a claim approved by the insurance company is usually challenging, and one way to make it simpler is installing dash cams on your fleet vehicles. A dash cam is a small camera that is placed either on the dashboard or windscreen. As soon as the engine is ignited, the dash cam starts recording the journey. Since invention, dash cams have proved to be the solution to insurance disputes as they provide a reliable source of evidence regarding an accident. The use of dash cams is growing by many fleet owners as they are available in the market at an affordable price. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider installing dash cams on your fleet.

The decision of an insurer to pay is usually influenced by the pieces of evidence available. The insurance company agents usually conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. To avoid the hassle of convincing the insurance provider to approve your claim, you should provide videos collected by your dash cams. One of the issues that insurance companies face is falsified and inflated claims, and this can be avoided with dash cams. Hence, if you want to eliminate the possibility of insurance disputes after an accident, you should install dash cams. Also, the time that it will take to get a payout will be significantly reduced.

According to studies, dash cams helps in boosting road safety. Despite the existence of road safety measures and policies, accidents happen almost every day. Mostly, a driver is usually at fault. The presence of a dash cam on the fleet will encourage the drivers to drive more safely. Safe driving means that you will not have to worry about seeking a settlement from your insurer.

New dash cams have a feature that records when a vehicle moves. In case of a company fleet, you can tell the cars that are unattended to. The other benefit associated with dash cams is reduced insurance premiums. Risk is one of the factors that influence the premiums. If your fleet has dash cam, then it means that risk is reduced. Finally, a dash cam can help a driver avoid wrongfully issued tickets by law enforcement officers. Now that you understand the importance of dash cams on a fleet, you should not invest in them.

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